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Nurse Manager


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Career Overview

A nurse manager is responsible for the nursing care management of a certain
patient care unit or a practice setting. A nurse manager has administrative and clinical responsibilities and mediates between staff and upper-level management. The employer outlines the nurse manager’s responsibilities.


RN preparation is required and a master’s degree in nursing or management are
highly preferred.


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Advanced knowledge in the area of specialization
  • Knowledge of leadership and management principles
  • Knowledge of the organization’s policies and quality improvement process
  • Knowledge of state and federal accreditation guidelines
  • Knowledge of budgeting and other fiscal matters


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Holds a proven track record of success in teaching healthcare business basics to nursesThis acclaimed text helps to build the fundamental economic and financial management skills nurses and nurse leaders need to be successful in daily practice and career advancement. The updated fourth edition includes new and revised case studies reflecting current trends and increased coverage of budget strategies, forecasting, and the financial impact of COVID-19. It is rewritten to provide greater clarity for readers unfamiliar with budgets and features a new two-color design to enhance readability. Additionally, the text reflects current AACN Essentials: Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education and updated sample business plans, grant proposals, and other essential reports along with providing augmented Instructor Resources.The book--written by nurses for nurses--is designed to help readers understand the impact of healthcare economics and finance in their day-to-day clinical...

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"The book is easy to read and makes great points, especially about employee issues... This is a great resource for clinical nurse managers. They will find the information on dealing with employee issues helpful and timely. The activities and conversation guidelines are easy to use and relevant in the current healthcare climate... Score: 95 - 4 Stars!--Cynthia Lee Cummings, RN, MSN, EdD, CHSE, University of North Florida Brooks College of Health, Doody's ReviewsClinical nurse managers face myriad challenges, including administrative, clinical, and interpersonal issues. This concise, practical resource offers wise guidance for nurses working in this complex, fast-paced role. Addressing common complaints and anxieties, it offers quick access to insights, proven strategies, and tools for effectively coping with such situations as institutional change, a multigenerational and multicultural workforce, resistance to change, and toxic behaviors. Fully updated and revised, the second ...