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Healthcare professionals have trusted Springer Publishing for over 70 years. As a specialty nursing publisher with award-winning content  and healthcare partners across the globe, advertisers have an opportunity to leverage our engaged audience of over 2.9M nurses, nursing students, and faculty. 



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DailyNurse is always looking for new guest authors, and we welcome individual writers to contribute high-quality guest posts to

DailyNurse aims to provide nurses with a targeted career road map by offering practical articles on job opportunities, employment trends, and continuing education. Readers represent a variety of educational backgrounds, from an Associate Degree to Ph.D. holders, from students to practicing nurses and nursing faculty.

Guideline’s To Follow If You Want to Write For Us:

-We only publish original articles. (not previously published anywhere else, including your site)

-Content should be of high quality with no spelling or grammatical errors.

-We accept content in the categories you can see in the menu bar of this website.

DailyNurse Style Guidelines

When preparing and submitting an article for publication, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Our editorial is written in an informal but informative manner. Please use a newspaper-style headline for the working title and, if possible, include an active-voice verb (gerunds are also acceptable). We prefer not to use footnotes or endnotes, as this gives the appearance of a scientific journal.
  2. We follow the Chicago Manual of Style in all matters related to punctuation and grammar.
  3. Please include the location (city and state) of companies, organizations, or schools cited in the text.
  4. Please include the professional and educational credentials of any nurses cited in the text (on first usage only): e.g., Jane Hernandez, RN, BSN, MPH.
  5. Our preferred article length is 500 to 1000 words (Longer articles will be accepted if the content warrants a long form).
  6. Your post should be original and distinct from articles on
  7. Use short paragraphs, no more than 3-4 sentences per paragraph, and provide a clear takeaway or learning for readers. Use headings, subheadings, and numbered lists/bullets to structure your writing.
  8. Include facts, research, sources, or personal anecdotes to substantiate your insights, information, and arguments with external links (no less than 3).
  9. Please submit your article via e-mail to as an attachment. We use Microsoft Word, though we can also accept Google documents.
  10. We encourage authors to include images/videos in the submission. However, authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use images/videos and/or other material from outside sources. If you include images or videos within the article, they must be high quality and have source citations, only use images/videos for which you have permission or which are in the public domain (and be sure to credit your source). Please ask any nurses you interview to send photos of themselves via e-mail to We are especially partial to “action shots,” such as nurses working with patients, minority students participating in recruitment or retention activities, pictures taken at community health events, etc. If you can, we also appreciate the inclusion of a larger, 1200×680 pixel image for the headline photo. Electronic or scanned photos must be at least 3″ x 5″ in size with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.
  11. Authors must provide a photo and a short (up to 60 words) biography and may include 1 link to your website’s homepage with a brand name anchor text for the About the Author section.
  12. Please do not include product promotions in the title of articles and do not use more than 2 links to products (not applicable to product reviews)We reserve the right to edit the content you submit, but this will primarily be done to correct errors or make the content more readable.
  13. Terms Of Use:
  • By submitting an article, you agree to com using it on our website (with any amends we deem suitable), and you will not claim for payment or copyright infringement now or in the future.
  • When the article is published on our website, it is then owned by us, and you are not permitted to re-publish the article without our prior written approval.

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If you want to advertise on our website with a banner ad, publish a sponsored article, or another form of content collaboration, please drop an email regarding the opportunity on

If you have any questions about writing for DailyNurse, or need additional information, please contact

DailyNurse Editorial Staff, 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10036

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